Baseball Bat - RM AS

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Knob: traditional but small (1 3/4 ”)

Handle:  31/32”

Barrel:  2 7/16”

Like the 72, this model has a larger handle with a smaller knob and is used by both contact and power hitters. 

Selecting the right bat is based on your preferences, what handle feels right to you, cupped or uncupped, and overall look. Color options are the last image, you can select any barrel color, a handle color, cupped or uncupped. Additional charges may apply. 

Want your name, number, or team name on your bat? Select the customization option. Please specify your team name or number in the order information section. If having a custom signature placed on the bat, please download the signature form and follow the instructions.

Custom to order, please allow 3 weeks for shipping and manufacturing.