About Us

In 2004 we started making a few wooden baseball bats for family and friends. Using a simple lathe, we handmade them one at a time. It wasn't long and word got out that our baseball bats were consistent in weight and the grain was superior to what could be purchased locally. It was time to update our equipment!

In 2005 we purchased an awesome lathe and top of the line laser engraver. We could now make even more consistent product and personalize bats with signatures, logo's and trademarks. Don't get me wrong, we still make every bat one at a time! First we select a peice of maple or ash, the grain has to be straight and tight, or it doesn't get used! We never select our wood based upon who the bat is for, we feel that every one of our customers deserves the best. Some companies sort thier bats, the major league players get the best, then the AAA, then AA, etc. What do you suppose that leaves the amateur player with? So, if you are looking for a quality maple or ash wood baseball bat, we hope you will consider Rally Bat Co.

Return policy: 

Returns will be authorized by Rally Bats prior to a return being made.

Shipping policy:

Ships via USPS. Orders ship within 2-3 weeks. You will be notified if an order is delayed for any reason. Only US shipping. We do not ship outside the US.